Hello we are Translink

Hello we are Translink

The leading GPS fleet telematics and end-to-end mobile and remote asset tracking solution provider in Ethiopia & East Africa  
Advanced Yet Friendly Software

Advanced Yet Friendly Software

We provide users with an easy to use, state of the art and full fledged fleet management software as a service (SAAS) and as a product (SAAP)  
State  of  the  art  data  center

State of the art data center

We host our software in a world class data center which is known to have 99.5% up-time with state of the art technologies for data storage, processing, administration and process automation  
Customizable  Reports

Customizable Reports

We enable users to generate multiple standard descriptive and analysis reports and provide the flexibility to create custom templates to meet business specific report requirements  
ROI   Guranteed !

ROI Guranteed !

Our solution guarantees ROI in a short period, through direct cost saving (fuel refilling & drain controlling, hindering unauthorized fleet utilization ...) and indirect saving via overall management efficiency enhancement  
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Innovative Telematics Products & Services

We Provide End to End Innovative Technology Solutions for Remote Mobile and Stationary Assets and Related Resources Management, Safety and Security

Fleet Management

Know the detailed Real-Time status of your fleet; where about, your driver performance, engine status and other performance parameters

Fuel Monitory

Monitor Real-Time fuel level in fuel tank, fuel consumption rate, amount of fuel refilled and drained with location and other status details

Freight Security

Know your vehicle's load status, Make sure your freight reaches its destination Safe & Secured. Control your freight temperature status

Navigation & Dispatching

Dispatching and Reaching specific locations made easy. You can give dispatch assignment and collect forms electronically from your vehicles

What We Supply

Our Services

At Translink we provide high end and wholistic telematics services with a primary target of satisfying the business environment and clients need to the fullest meeting standards. Satisfaction Guaranteed !

  • Software Service & License

    We provide fleet management software service hosted on our state of the art data center ensuring 99.5% up time. In addition we provide software license for clients who want to deploy the FMS software at their own premises and integration to other software systems. 

  • Hardware Engineering

    Fleet management system hardware: GPS trackers, sensors & peripherals specification, customization, configuration, installation, calibration and maintenance. In addition we perform integration of GPS trackers with our Fleet Management Software platform

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We provide 24/7 support on how to use of the system & how to use of the data for decision making. With our training program users will assume the capacity to exploit the system to the fullest. We also provide swift troubleshooting and maintenance service.

  • Telematics Consultancy

    Analyzing companies transport and mobile-remote assets management challenges and costs as a result. Giving detailed advise and recommendations on the best fit procedural and technology solution to overcome the problems, with cost and ROI details.


Why Translink ?

Engineering Solution
We provide more of engineering solution than sales. We follow standard project management approach to meet time budget and quality. We follow a scientific procedure to solve our clients’ problem and meet their interest by delivering perfect fit solutions through solution customization and development.
Continuous Research
We do continuous business and solution domain researches so as to continuously identify openings with regard to mobile and remote fleet and asset management and find effective ways to surpass observed problems continuously innovating and developing new solutions to well satisfy our client’s needs.
We enclose well experienced knowledgeable members who have practical experience mainly in the development and implementation of fleet management system.Our members are able to build a deep rooted understanding on the technology and the business. We have a proven solution for more than 10 years - Used by thousands of vehicles all around the world, and across various industries.
We provide a world class solution meeting international standards and local needs. Most of our solutions are originally from a potential area of telematics excellence where high quality advanced products can be owned with reasonably fair price. We offer up to 5 years warranty for our products.
Fair Price
We offer the best possible worthing price for all our products and services, with no quality trade off. In addition since we have extended product and service line, our clients can pick product or service which is fit to their budget
We rate our success by the impact we created on user environment in solving intended problems and meeting predefined requirements. We provide continuous support to our clients, for them to well understand and consume maximum benefits from our solution focusing not only on how to effectively use the system but also on how to make decisions based on intelligence from the system.

  • Kirkos subcity Woreda 04, Kera SD Building, Office 403 & 404
  • 251 -118 -82 -9090
  • 251 -935 -40 -2221
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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