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  • What is GPS fleet tracking?

    GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The technology was introduced by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) exclusively for military operations. Back in the 1970’s, GPS technology was used heavily by the armed forces to navigate using radio frequency waves. However, a few years later, the DOD decided to open up the technology for civilian usage.

    At present, the commercial applications of GPS tracking are many. GPS fleet tracking, specifically, enables fleet managers to locate, track, and monitor their fleet of vehicles on a real-time basis. 

  • How Does a GPS Vehicle Tracking System Work?

  • Can the solution be implemented on old vehicles?

    Yes ! GPS Fleet Management Solution can be implemented on any vehicle regardless of its model make and year, it can be applied from motorcycles to stationary equipments (generator) and machinery.  

  • How much does it cost?

    The solution is of wide scope and the cost of implementing mainly depends on the requirement and the quality of products in use. Based on the requirement the solution may involve one accessory or multiple accessories which determine the cost.
  • Will the solution work in areas with no cellular network?

    Yes ! the technology mainly uses mobile data network to transfer data from remote vehicles to central stations.

    In case the vehicles spend in remote no network areas for some known interval, users are unable to access the real-tme (active) tracking information of their asset but this doesn't mean the data will get lost. All the events and track history will be logged in the offline memory of the GPS device and will latter be automatically transferred upon fixing active cellular data network

    In case of vehicles spending a prolonged period in no network coverage areas, it is recommended to use Satellite Tracker options, which guarantees % active tracking across the globe

  • Do i need to be in office to access the system functionalities?

    No ! Translink Fleet Management Software is a web based system, hence you can enjoy the system functionalities and features from any device (computer, mobile devices) with internet access
  • Do you have solution for fuel monitoring?

    Yes ! at Translink we have multiple options for fuel monitory which will empower users with the capability to know the actual fuel filled, detect drains if any and the consumption rate information of their fleet 
  • What is the most determining factor for the accuracy of the solution?

    The most determining factors are, the quality of the devices and accessories in use, the installation and calibration process and the quality of the fleet management software 
  • Do I need to be or hire an IT expert to utilize the system ?

    No ! the only requirement is basic capability to use computer and cellphone  and surf the internet. The rest leave it for us, we will give appropriate training and close support until you assume the full capacity to utilize the most out of the system  
  • Is there any chance installed units can be tampered easily ?

    No ! Mostly the installation is done covertly in safe and secured areas inside vehicle. Any action to deliberately affect the operation of the installed units will be reported. In addition, installed device has a backup battery and will continue reporting even in case it is disconnected from vehicle power supply 
  • Is there any other cost, other than the one time payment for devices and installation?

    Yes ! there is a monthly subscription fee which is mainly there for:  telecom service fee, maintenance, data storage, training and continuing support and software service 
  • Do I have to always open the software and be online for monitoring?

    No ! all events and information reported from vehicles will be archived and users can come any time and generate different graphical, descriptive and analysis reports 
  • Do you have mobile applications for instant tracking?

    Yes ! we have application for Android and IOS and mobile optimized access for any mobile platform, on which you can perform  tracking,receive notifications and generate different reports 
  • What kind of reports can I get from the system?

    The reports from Translink fleet management system are not limited. There are standard reports which will be included to start with, but users have all the right to generate their own report templates which are known to best fit their business  needs

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If you have any more question, doubts or comments, never hesitate to contact us. We are ready to share our knowledge and experience in the field considering your requirement, type of asset in concern and field of business. 

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